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Focus, Focus, Focus!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am sitting here trying to think of something clever to write!  I’m really having difficulty focusing today.  When I first got online, of course I had to check my email.  Then to Facebook to see if I needed to wish anyone a Happy Birthday.  Oh, I better do Facebook first because it’s Valentine’s day and I want to mention that in my status update.  Two hours and no Happy Birthdays later, I go to my email.  Of course I am well informed on what’s happening (or not happening) in Washington.  I have listened to several more Whitney Houston tributes (both made me cry).   I also had to check out my favorite site,, for a funny clip about a donkey!  Ok, back to my email.  Really.

Are you kidding me?  I have way too much “junk” in my inbox.  I need to go through this and do some “unsubscribing”.   An hour and a half later, my email inbox is cleaned up but haven’t written a word on my new blog entry.  😦  It will have to wait because my dog, Isabelle, is twirling around and snorting, indicating she “must” go outside for a walk.  I need a break anyway.

Ok, back from my walk – but wait, I’m getting hungry.  Maybe I need some lunch.  And some coffee.  Or tea.  Be back in a bit, little blog.

Back once again.  Facebook checked, email read, dog walked, lunch eaten – so now I can finally write!  Nope.  Someone’s at the door &  Isabelle is going nuts (she doesn’t like visitors).    Maintenance men are here to work on the house.   Discussions with them ensue and repairs are made…or attempted.  Ever unclog a toilet with a coat hanger?  Me either.  Most be a maintenance man thing.

Ok, finally,  back to blogging.  And on and on it goes.

I’m not sure what the problem is today but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with eliminating diet soda from my daily routine!  Instead, I have been drinking coffee and tea.  Maybe I need to cut back on those too!  I’ll fix me some water with lemon, instead.  Right after I check Pinterest!



Happy Birthday, Mona!

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday.  Mona hit the big 60!   Carole, sister #3 (she thinks she’s #1 🙂 )  is joining us for a celebration tonight by going to Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant “Five Sixty” in Dallas, TX for happy hour.

This from Wolfgang’s website:  “Dallas’ horizon brightens with Five Sixty atop Reunion Tower.  The skyline’s 560-foot landmark with the distinctive glowing ball houses the master chef’s first fine dining restaurant in the city.  Upon ascending 50 stories, diners depart from the elevator at the center of the restaurant.  From the moment guests enter, they are greeted by floor-to-ceiling windows that line the restaurant, offering 360-degree views of Dallas as the room revolves. ”

Then going to “The House of Blues” for dinner!  Should be a good time!