Let’s get started!

Well, here goes!  I’m going to write and publish my first post today.  I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now.  I’ve just been too scared.  Scared of the technology I’m not familiar with.  Scared of making mistakes – grammatical, punctuation, spelling, etc.  Scared of getting my facts wrong.  Scared of putting my thoughts on paper for anyone & everyone to see (and critique).  Scared of not having anything of value to say.  Not sure why – guess I want everyone to think I’m perfect!  🙂  Ridiculous!  But you know what?  I don’t care.  I’m not going to worry about the mistakes – because I WILL make them.  I’m even going to WELCOME them!  Because as my sister, Mona, reminded me, mistakes are how you learn.

I’ve watched my granddaughter, Adalynn, teach herself how to do things for a year now.  Most recently, she learned how to walk.  Without a Quick Start guide!  Just a step or two at first.  She always fell down.  Funny how that didn’t deter her.  She wasn’t embarrassed.  Not once did she look around to see if anyone noticed or was laughing at her.  And she got better, faster and more confident.  Of course it helped that every time she did it we all clapped and cheered!  She claps and cheers for herself now.  I hope she always will.  Every time she tries something new.  Even if she makes mistakes.

As for my fears, I’ve decided to write about them and then let them go.  I have spent too many hours of my life being afraid of messing up.   Of not being perfect.  Of course I’m perfect!  🙂  Perfectly normal.  But I’m changing my normal.  Blogging-without-fear will become normal for me.  Yay!  (hands clapping)  🙂


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